Stay distant 

Yes you have to, 

Never give someone a value bigger than they deserve then you get disappointed wire their behaviour. Once you thought you too close to them, like siblings but always true will reveal with time. 

As long as you know yourself ; you never changed you still the same person, trying only to be better, then you are doing the right thing.

All of us looking for improvement to be better to achieve our goals and dreams, we never thought of making enmey or dislike someone for their attitude or their behaviour. How could  you be one nation and one family if not working together for sake of the whole team .

Day after day, I realised many things one of them: I should never share anything with anyone who’s really totally changed and became different person. 

Even saying hello was totally became different, like we never been close one day.

You found a lot flaws from me; I will be grateful if you tell me in my face instead of behaving differently with me. 

I am still the same, I didn’t change and I am trying to be better version if myself no matter how. 

Lesson that I learned 

know really who’s your true friends and who’s only extra number in your life. 

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